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  • Let’s Try the Bagpipes! Thursday June 1st, 2017

    Let’s Try the Bagpipes! is a pilot project of the PPBSO at the Georgetown Highland Games and the Fergus Scottish Festival in 2017.

    The idea is to stimulate curiosity and spark a desire to learn by allowing members of the public to handle instruments, try them out and get all their questions answered. We will have a booth in the vendors area displaying practice chanters, various types of bagpipes, reeds, music and assorted gear.

    Keen potential pipers will be able to sign up for a one-hour group lesson where they’ll learn the scale and hopefully the first line of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. We’ll also be handing out a card directing potential pipers to our newly reinstated piping teacher database, so that they can find a teacher in their own local area.

    Our booth will be open from 10:00 to 4:00. We welcome knowledgeable pipers as Bagpipe Ambassadors! If you are interested in volunteering for an hour or two, please email Julie Stewart at mrensemble@cogeco.ca.

    If successful, we hope to expand our presence at a larger number of future Highland Games. Come help us find the next generation of pipers!

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