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  • Fergus Scottish Festival Results! Tuesday August 12th, 2014

    With both the 78th Frasers and Peel Regional Police either in Scotland already or making preparations to travel to the World Pipe Band Championships, it was left to the Toronto Police to provide the lone performance in the Grade 1 medley contest at Fergus on the first day of the 2 day Scottish Festival on August 9, 2014.  Warm, sunny weather returned to the scene after the previous week’s unsettled climate in Maxville.

    TPPB G1 Fergus

    Paris-Port Dover solidified their position as the premier Grade 3 Band in Ontario with an easy win in the medley contest, finishing ahead of Hamilton Police in 2nd, and Toronto Police in 3rd.  Since taking the reigns of this band 2 years ago, Pipe Major Dylan Whittemore has provided confident leadership in guiding Paris-Port Dover to 2 straight PPBSO Champion Supreme titles.  In addition to their success as a band, many individual players in the band, both in the piping and drumming ranks, have seen tremendous success in the solo ranks as well.  The future is certainly bright for this band!

    PPD Fergus

    In the Grade 4 March Medley competition, Rob Roy put a lock on their season by taking first place comfortably.  Guelph Pipe Band were a solid second, consolidating their remarkable improvement this  season under Pipe Major Tyler Bridge, followed in third place by Chatham Kent Police Services band, last year’s Grade 5 Champion Supreme winner.

    Sunday’s contests again saw beautiful weather grace the competition field, as Hamilton Police Pipe Band marched away with the top prize, followed by hometown favourites Grand Celtic in second, and Paris/Port Dover in third.

    In the Professional ranks, Ian K. MacDonald was again the piper of the day, with Iain Bell taking the honours in drumming.  Tyler Bridge took the amateur piping title, with the same in drumming going to Matthew Page.

    (*Photos courtesy of Aaron Sheedy).

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