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  • 2013/2014 Upgrades!

    2013/2014 Upgrades! Sunday December 29th, 2013

    The following competitors have been selected for upgrade in the light music, piobaireachd and drumming categories. Band upgrades are listed at the bottom of the post.


    Practice Chanter to Grade 5

    Kayleigh Johnstone

    Grade 5 to Grade 4

    Colin Johnstone

    Kara Bush

    Mark McClennan

    Keir Dennis

    Kate Runciman

    Drew Mackay

    Grade 4 to Grade 3

    Deidre Godsell

    Jack Reeves

    Peter Johnstone-Schulz

    Bryan Robertson

    Gavin Mackay

    Grade 3 to Grade 2

    Charles-David Mitchell

    Caleb Thibodeau

    Kaj Sullivan

    Roland Hill

    Grade 2 to Grade 1

    John Steele

    Amanda Bush

    Marshall Chamberlain

    Alexander Seto


    Novice to Junior

    Andrew Hill

    Deirdre Godsell

    Roland Hill

    Chris Marshall

    Junior to Intermediate

    Amanda Bush

    Taylor Young Millage

    Gavin MacKay

    Marshall Chamberlain

    AJ Lunn

    Intermediate to Senior

    Alexander Seto

    Kaj Sullivan

    Liam MacDonald


    Grade 5 to Grade 4

    Kavan Johnston-Schultz

    Kelsey Bailey

    Grade 4 to Grade 3

    Brody Duncan

    Ho-Jin Chung

    James Johnson

    James Kirkwood

    Grade 3 to Grade 2

    Mackenzie Chamberlain

    Matthew Page

    Jesse Reedy


    Grade 4 to Grade 3

    Hamilton Police Pipe Band

    Grade 5 to Grade 4

    Chatham Kent Police Services

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