Georgetown Highland Games

15 Days
13 Hours
10 Mins
43 Secs

Western Branch

The Western Branch of the PPBSO is headquartered in London, Ontario, and represents the geographic region from Guelph to Chatham.

The branch has focused on the education and development of it’s members, highlighted by the annual Kiwanis Format Indoor Contest held every May. During this event, amateur competitors are adjudicated in real time, and at the conclusion of the event, the group is given feedback (both general and specific) on how the contest was perceived. This format allows for a dialogue between competitors and adjudicators, and allows for clarification and individual growth.

We also make a point of supporting other educational initiatives in whatever way we can, to ensure that the next generation of pipers and drummers within the region are given every opportunity possible to succeed.

PPBSO Branches

PPBSO Office

President: Chris Buchanan
Vice President:Charles MacDonald
Secretary: Michele Curtis
Treasurer: John Allen


Administrator: Sharon Duthart
Chief Steward: Glenn Covert
Ombudsman: Ken Eller