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Solo Drumming Recordings

Welcome to the download page for the recordings for solo drummers.  We hope you find them helpful!

These recordings may be used by snare, tenor and bass soloists, however, the recordings are of the pipe music only;  tenor and bass drummers will still need to provide a “live” snare drummer for accompaniment.

For you snare drummers working on the recommended snare scores for Grade 5, you’ll notice that recordings of all the recommended tunes are available at two tempos:  one more laid back for getting the hang of things;  another more lively for when you have it mastered.

Each recording starts with 8 metronome clicks.  You’ll then hear “Ready…By The Right…Quick…March”, after which the metronome click continues while you play the attack rolls.  Drones strike in where the start of the second roll should be.  The metronome click continues after the tune starts, and fades out after the first couple of bars.

In the MSR, there is also a brief metronome click during the change from March to Strathspey.

For the MSR, the breaks are as follows:

  • M to S:  strathspey starts after a pause of 2 beats of strathspey time starting on beat 2 of the last bar of march
  • S to R:  reel starts on beat 1 after the last bar of strathspey (no pause)

Click on the tune name to download the recording:

Grade 5 (2-part Marches)*:

Grade 4 (4-part Marches):

Grade 3 (MSR, each tune 4 parts):

*Note for Grade 5, on the day of competition, be sure to tell the drumming steward which tune and tempo you want to use.  Either tempo can be used;  choose the one that will give you the best chance to have your most comfortable and musical performance.

Special thanks to Pipe Major Doug MacRae of the 78th Fraser Highlanders for donating his time and expertise to this project.

If you have feedback on the recordings, or a suggestion for a tune that we should add to the list for next season, let us know!

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