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Solo Champion Supreme Biographies – 2017

The PPBSO is pleased to present the biographies of some of our Champion Supreme winners for 2017.

Ian K. MacDonald – Professional Light Music / Piobaireachd A
Michael Malish – Grade 3 Light Music
Matthew Parsons – Junior Amateur Piobaireachd / Grade 4 Light Music
Kathleen Lasseter – Novice Piobaireachd
Aiden Fox-Ivey – Grade 5 Light Music
Kyle Wardell – Professional Snare
Cameron William MacDonald – Grade 3 Snare
Sasha Little – Grade 5 Snare
River La Croix – Amateur Bass
Clélia Boucher – Amateur Drum Major

Ian K. MacDonald – Professional Light Music / Piobaireachd A

2017 has been everything a Double Gold Medal winner could have hoped for in his competitive piping career.

Invitations to the Metro Cup, Donald MacLeod Memorial, Donald MacDonald Quaich and Silver Chanter were all “firsts” for Ian K. who enjoyed every single one of these experiences.

Winning the Dunvegan Medal, placing 2nd in the Senior Piobaireachd at Oban (earning 3rd Glenfiddich invitation) and winning the Ontario Championship Supreme for Piobaireachd and Light Music have made this season one to remember for Ian K. and he wishes to thank all of his teachers: father, John MacDonald, Jim McGillivray, Bill Livingstone, George Campbell and Pete Aumonier for all of their guidance; Toronto Police Pipe Band and Ryan Russell Memorial band-mates; fellow competitors, competition organizers and Work Colleagues who supported him at every contest.

Most of all his family and friends for without them, none of this would have happened or seemed quite as meaningful and enjoyable.

Having his wife Brenda with Ian at some of these events certainly reminded both of them of the commitment involved in pursuing the path of a competitive piper and the sacrifices made however, both Brenda and Ian want their young family and every young person to know that accomplishing one’s goals are certainly worth the hours spent practicing, competing, teaching and learning and hope that their story will inspire other Ontario players to continue to develop and achieve their own goals and to continue the proud tradition that past Ontario players have begun.

Michael Malish – Grade 3 Light Music

I am thirteen years old and have been playing pipes for 3.5 years under full instruction of Tom Bowen. A special thanks to Tom for all his dedication, and passing on his extensive piping knowledge to me.

I have competed in solo events for grade 3 light music and Intermediate Amateur Piobaireachd. I have had a very successful year and enjoyed participating in the 2017 highland games.

I have worked very hard, and feel very fortunate to have had dedicated people to encourage me along the way. I play in the Durham Regional Police Pipes and Drums grade 4 band. A special thanks to P/M Mike Lasseter.

I look forward to participating in solo and band competitions at the next highland games in 2018.

Matthew Parsons – Junior Amateur Piobaireachd / Grade 4 Light Music

My name is Matthew Parsons. I am 17 years old and competed in Junior Amateur Piobaireachd and
Grade 4 light music. I started playing the pipes 5 years ago with the cadets and joined the York Regional Police Pipes and Drums. I started taking lessons from Glenna Mackay-Johnstone last September. Many thanks to her for helping me have such a successful summer.

Outside of piping, I play saxophone in my school’s swing band and go flying at a soaring club.

I look forward to next year and the new challenges and opportunities it will bring.

Kathleen Lasseter – Novice Piobaireachd

My name is Kathleen (Kally) Lasseter, and I’m a third generation piper from London Ontario. My Dad began teaching me after getting a practice chanter at the 2013 Embro Highland Games. I started taking formal lessons with the London Firefighters Pipe Band in light music in 2014, and Piobaireachd with my current instructor Gail Brown in January 2017.

I’d like to personally thank P/M Doug Bruce, my uncle Mike Lasseter, my parents, grandparents, and members of the London Firefighters Pipe Band for all of their support and instruction over the past few years.

Most importantly, I’d like to thank Gail Brown for contributing to all my success in my competitions this past summer, and enhancing my piping career.

Aiden Fox-Ivey – Grade 5 Light Music

Aiden is a 14 year old student from Waterloo, Ontario. He first expressed an interest in learning bagpipes at age 6, but didn’t begin lessons until a couple of years later.

Aiden has competed in both solo and band competitions for a little over a year, the latter with the Cambridge and District Pipe Band.

Aiden would like to thank his teacher Adam Annandale who has patiently taught him for more than 5 years. Adam has shared his vast piping knowledge and experience with him, for which he will be forever grateful.

Aiden would also like to thank Pipe Major Kieran McPate for his kind support and encouragement as well.

Lastly, Aiden would like to thank his parents and brothers for enduring countless hours of loud bagpipe practice, supporting his passion, and the long drives to participate in highland games.

Kyle Wardell – Professional Snare

Kyle Wardell is from Hamilton Ontario where he is in his last year of Electrical Engineering at Mohawk College. Kyle is 22 years old and has been drumming since he was 8. Sandy Mckail was Kyle’s first instructor however he also had several lessons with the late Jimmy Agnew. The first band that Kyle played in was the Grade 5 Braemar Pipe Band out of St Catharines. In 2006, Kyle joined the Grade 4 Hamilton Police Pipe Band. Shortly after joining, the band progressed up to Grade 3. In 2012 Kyle joined, and currently plays with the Grade 1 78th Fraser Highlanders under Lead Drummer Drew Duthart.

Kyle would like to thank his parents for all the support they have shown throughout his drumming career. A very special and heartfelt thanks to Sandy Mckail for taking Kyle from the start, all the way up to the professional level. Sandy taught him how to work hard at everything you do. Kyle would also like to thank Drew Duthart for pushing him to be the best he can be as well as a strong confident drummer and person. Another thank you goes out to Kyle’s full-time piper Dylan Whittemore and all his hard work he has put in over the last few seasons. He would also like to thank instructor Doug Stronach who vastly improved his sight reading skills. Special thanks to close friends Cameron Mckail and Matt Page for spending several hours working on technique and drum scores. Kyle would also like to thank Zack Miller, Iain Bell, Neil Birkett and others for keeping the competition stiff and making Kyle continuously work hard to play his best!

Cameron William MacDonald – Grade 3 Snare

Cameron is a member of the Ryan Russell Memorial Pipe Band and has been playing snare drum since its inception.

He receives instruction from one of the Worldʼs leading teachers, Douglas Stronach and this year played under one of Ontarioʼs bright young stars, MacKenzie Chamberlain.

Cameron is very proud to have received the honour of becoming Champion Supreme for Grade 3 solos and he would like to thank his two pipers for the year, his father, Ian K. MacDonald and fellow bandsman Hector MacDonald.

He looks forward to continue to learn how to read and write music and develop his technique with MacKeznie and Doug and preparing a Hornpipe and Jig to go along with his MSR in Grade 2 next season.

Cameron is sixteen years old and attends Donald A. Wilson Secondary School in Whitby in the 11th grade.

Sasha Little – Grade 5 Snare

I am 14 years old, and my name is Sasha Little from Fergus ON. I have been drumming since the age of 12 when I started with the Guelph Air Cadet Program, 121 Red Arrows, and quickly joined the pipes and drum band. I have been drumming for 2 years, and last year I was invited to join the grade 5 Guelph Pipe Band. A big thank you to my drumming instructors, Larry Willis and Dave Derma. 2017 has been a busy summer travelling around to all the different Highland Games. I have really enjoyed competing and am looking forward to next summer.

River La Croix – Amateur Bass

River La Croix is the Bass drummer with the Guelph Pipe Band, Gr.3. I have been playing the Bass drum for about 8 years. Currently attending Conestoga College in the Human Services Foundation program and a recent Graduate of Conestoga College’s General Arts and Sciences program. I plan on attending school for a few more years yet. Next year I hope to obtain a degree in Community Criminal Justice. In my spare time I like to practice on my chanter and play the bagpipes. I am ever so thankful to my band mates that accompany me in my solo’s and for continually being supportive. I’d like to acknowledge my competitors and congratulate them on their successes too.

Clélia Boucher – Amateur Drum Major

Clélia Boucher, a grade 11 student at Jeunes Sans Frontières French High School, is enrolled in the rigorous pre-university International Baccalaureate programme.

Clélia is the Drum Major of St. Andrews Pipes and Drums, Mississauga, and this past summer attended the Canadian Armed Forces / Royal Canadian Mounted Police Drum Major course. She is one of the first females, and the only teenager to successfully finish the course.

Devoted, imaginative, Clélia is jovial with a curious and open-mind, always exploring new opportunities. She loves to read and write, and participates in martial arts, cycling, swimming.

Clélia’s long list of accomplishments include:

  • La Grande Traversée” a 2000km cross-Canada school cycling relay, celebrating the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Girl Guides of Canada: Lady Baden Powell program, Canada Cord; elected at age of 11 to represent Canada at a Jamboree in Hartford, CT.
  • Active volunteer: Good Neighbour’s Club, Because I’m a Girl, Mississauga Humane Society, TD Tree Planting, Mudhero, Legion, Horse Farms, 5kmFoamfest, BadAss Dash,
  • Avro Arrow Air Cadets Squadron 845: received the medal of excellence and awards for Best 1st Year Cadet, and the Most Proficient Junior NCO. Currently the 845 band Drum major.
  • Currently working on Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award, completed silver and bronze. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is an internationally recognised program for young people.
  • Clélia would some day like to be a fighter pilot, and was recently honoured to meet and discuss her aspirations with fighter pilot and Deputy Commander Continental United States NORAD Region Brigadier general Sylvain Ménard.

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