Embro Highland Games

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16 Hours
48 Mins
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PPBSO Certified Judges

Adjudicators with PPBSO accreditation maintain their active status by attending at least one recognized professional development seminar every two years and make themselves available to adjudicate PPBSO competitions each year.

This is a list of judges who have maintained their active status for 2017. Accredited adjudicators return to the active list by fulfilling professional development and availability requirements.

Please refer to the PPBSO Rule Book for certification of judges.

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First Name Last Name Solo Piping Solo Piob. Band Ensemble Band Piping Band Drumming Bass and Tenor
Alan B. Clark B B
Alan Savage A
Andrea Boyd A A A
Andrew Berthoff A A A A
Andrew Elliott A
Bill Livingstone A A A A
Bob Worrall A A A A
Brian McCue A
Brian Williamson B B B
Bruce Gandy A A
Charles H. MacDonald B A A
Chris Dodson B
Colin S. Clansey A
Craig Colquhoun A
Craig Stewart A
Daniel Bist A A
David Goodall B
Donald Forgan B
Doug Ross B A
Douglas MacRae A A A
Douglas Stronach A
Drew Duthart A
Duncan Pringle A
Edward Gorman B A
Ellen Mole B B
Emily McLeod A
George Campbell B A
Glenna Mackay-Johnstone B B A A
Graham Brown A
Graham Kirkwood A
Greg Dinsdale A
Harvey Dawson A A
Heather Wiens B B
Hector MacDonald A
Hugh Cameron A A
Hugh Goldie B
Iain Macey A A A
Iain Symington B A
Ian K. MacDonald A A
Jacob Dicker B B
Jake Watson A A A
James MacHattie A
Jamie Alfred A
Jim McGillivray A A A A
Jim Scott B A A
John A. Elliott A A A
John K Cairns A A A A
John Rowe A
John MacDonald B A
John MacKenzie A A A A
John R Recknagel B A
John Walsh A A A
K Bruce MacDonald B
K Edward Bush A A
Kahlil Cappuccino A
Ken Eller A A A
Kyle Heaney A
Larry Willis A A
Lauren Bonnett A
Lionel J Tupman B
Lori Wilson-Gaudet B B
Lynda Mackay B B A A
Michael Cole A
Michael Hunter A
Michael MacDonald B
Michael Wm Grey A A A A
Norman McDonald B
Peter Aumonier A A A A
Peter Sinclair B A A
Reagan M Jones A
Rob Crabtree A A A
Robert MacCrimmon B A A
Ross Brown B
Ryan Robertson A
Scott Bell B A
Scott Currie A
Scott Nicholson A
Scott Williams B A
Stephen MacNeil B
Steven Hill A
Syd Girling A A
Terry Cleland B A
Tom Bowen B B
Trish Kirkwood B
Tyler Fry A

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PPBSO Office

President: Chris Buchanan
Vice President:Charles MacDonald
Secretary: Michele Curtis
Treasurer: John Allen


Administrator: Sharon Duthart
Chief Steward: Glenn Covert
Ombudsman: Ken Eller