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News and Notices

78th Frasers Win at Georgetown!

Monday June 16th, 2014

The 78th Fraser Highlanders opened their 2014 campaign with a win in the Grade 1 MSR contest at the Georgetown Highland games on Saturday, June 14, 2014. An overall solid performance, including a 1st in ensemble, was enough to give them the win. What began as a cool day for the early soloists, settled in to perfect pipe band weather in time for the afternoon band contests.
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PPBSO 2014 Band Passes – Updated

Tuesday May 13th, 2014

Please consult the current 2014 PPBSO Band Passes List.

Contact the PPBSO if you have not received your Band Passes within five days from the date of mailing. Do not wait until the day of the games to notify the PPBSO.

2014 PPBSO Adjudication Seminar – In Pictures

Sunday May 11th, 2014

The Music Committee recently hosted its annual Adjudication Seminar in Milton, Ontario. Facilitated by Glenna Mackay-Johnstone and Trish Kirkwood, the day was filled with rich dialogue, thought provoking discussion and positive energy. The afternoon consisted of two break-out sessions in both Piobaireachd (lead by Ed Neigh) and solo light music (lead by Bob Worrall).

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2014 PPBSO Adjudication Seminar

Wednesday January 22nd, 2014

The 2014 PPBSO Adjudication Seminar has been scheduled for April 26, 2014.
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New Professional Piobaireachd Grade

Thursday January 16th, 2014

Establishment of a New Professional Piobaireachd Grade

In recent years the number of professional piobairechd players has become too large to be adjudicated in a morning.  Last year, for example, 22 entered at Georgetown.  The PPBSO has decided to divide the professional piobaireachd into two grades called A and B.
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2013/2014 Upgrades!

Sunday December 29th, 2013

The following competitors have been selected for upgrade in the light music, piobaireachd and drumming categories. Band upgrades are listed at the bottom of the post.

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Champion Supreme 2013 Bio’s

Thursday November 7th, 2013

The PPBSO is pleased to present the biographies of some of our Champion Supreme winners for 2013. These dedicated individuals have worked hard to elevate their skills and progress in the art.
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New Tune Requirement for Grade 4 Bands

Wednesday November 6th, 2013

As the result of a motion passed at the Society AGM on Nov. 2, starting in 2015 Grade 4 bands will submit a mini-MSR instead of a march medley. The exact format of the MSR will be determined by the Music Committee.

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