Embro Highland Games

7 Days
17 Hours
3 Mins
31 Secs

Music Committee

PPBSO Music Committee
The Music Committee was created in 1996 to replace various committees of the PPBSO, including the Advisory Council. The Music Committee is made up of senior players, both pipers and drummers. Their mandate is to involve the wider piping and drumming community to help the Society reach its goals of improving piping and drumming in the Province of Ontario.

The Music Committee is concerned with adjudicator certification, contest rules & operation, and promotion of the arts of piping and drumming.

Members of the Music Committee

Peter Aumonier
Chris Bell
Andrea Boyd
John Cairns
Hugh Cameron
Kate Dudek
Kyle Heaney
Lynda Mackay
Brian McCue
Elizabeth Sheridan
Bob Worrall

PPBSO Branches

PPBSO Office

President: Chris Buchanan
Vice President:Charles MacDonald
Secretary: Michele Curtis
Treasurer: John Allen


Administrator: Sharon Duthart
Chief Steward: Glenn Covert
Ombudsman: Ken Eller