Embro Highland Games

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  • Maxville Notes Monday July 24th, 2017

    A few notes about Maxville:

    1. Although some roster changes can still be made in accordance with sections D-1 and D-2 of the rule book, the final roster counts have been submitted to the Glengarry Games Committee. As a result, any additional players added to a roster will not receive a games pass to the grounds.
    2. All band passes to the grounds will be sent to the listed band contact directly by the Glengarry Games Committee this week (the 24th through the 28th.
    3. All amateur piping, piobaireachd, and snare drumming events are to be held on Friday the 4th. All professional events, and all bass and tenor events are to be held on Saturday morning.
    4. The grade 5 band meeting will be on Friday at 11:00 at the PPBSO tent.
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