Kiwanis Amateur Piping/Drumming & Mini Band Competition

12 Days
5 Hours
1 Mins
43 Secs


Membership Application Form
Before you can compete in band or solo competitions, you need to be a member of the PPBSO. Complete this application form if you are a brand new member of the PPBSO.

Existing PPBSO members may renew their membership on-line.

Master Entry Form (Solo)

Solo competitors are to complete this form to enter all PPBSO highland games. Existing PPBSO members may enter solo competitions on-line.

Master Entry Form (Band)

All bands are required to fill out and submit this form to register for band competitions for all PPBSO highland games.

Band Roster Form
All bands are required to fill out and submit this form along with the Band Master Entry Form to provide information about the current band roster.

Transfer/Release Form
Use this form when leaving one band and going to another. Without a signed transfer (release), competitors are not eligible to play.

Solo Upgrade Form
Request to be upgraded from present grade level.

RSPBA / PPBSO Supplemental Roster Form
For bands wishing to play in Scotland, please submit this form to the RSBPA and the PPBSO along with your RSBPA band roster.

PPBSO Branches

PPBSO Office

President: Chris Buchanan
Vice President:Charles MacDonald
Secretary: Michele Curtis
Treasurer: John Allen


Administrator: Sharon Duthart
Chief Steward: Glenn Covert
Ombudsman: Ken Eller